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Volunteer Registration Form

Want to support disaster relief and preparedness efforts in your community?

By becoming a disaster relief volunteer or an emergency response volunteer, you are being a proactive member of your community and providing much-needed support to local emergency response agencies during times of need.


Recent natural disasters such as Fires, Earthquakes and Hurricanes have contributed to an increase in the need for disaster relief volunteers.
More and more, we are seeing communities, families and individuals affected by natural disasters and they all are becoming compelled to help out by working as volunteers in disaster relief.


Looking to make a difference ?

Please download and complete the form below.

**You must download the form first. You can then fill it out online, sign it and fax it or email it back to us. 

**If you fill out the form below "without" downloading it first, the information you typed may not print.

(Sorry, we are working on the glitch and should have it fixed shortly) 

Once downloaded, signed and completed, please return the form to Volunteer@CitySar.Org or fax it to 305-402-0227
Please also include a valid photo ID and copies of any state or federal applicable licenses.

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